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IReadLess compares and you should, too!

Hooray again :-)

we are happy to announce the release of our brand new Product-Comparison feature. No, it is not yet-another-price-comparison. We don’t compare prices. We compare opinions about product features and attributes. 

Click to watch an example.


On each product page you now see a button “Add to compare” where you  can add the current item to the comparison. You can add up to 5 items and compare how good the features where rated in Amazon customer reviews. 

The features displayed on top are common features which where mentioned for all products you are currently comparing. You can also show features which were not mentioned for all products. 

We find this new feature makes IReadLess even more useful for you and we already got great feedback from our beta testers. We hope you like it too. 

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Christoph and the IReadLess Team